Our policies and processes provide public confidence in our decision-making.

We discourage you from making an offer of a gift, benefit or hospitality (gift offer) to our employees.

Our employees cannot accept a gift that may bring their integrity, or that of the department, into disrepute.


Our policy and processes meet the Minimum accountabilities for the management of gifts, benefits and hospitality.

Gifts, benefits and hospitality policy (PDF, 195.7 KB)

Privacy collection statement

Our employees advise their line manager of every non-token gift offer they receive, even if they refuse it.

We collect, retain and use this information to help ensure our policy is effective and to meet our legal obligations.

Register of reportable gift offers

Gift offers are either:

  • token (inconsequential, trivial, and worth less than $50), or
  • reportable (non-token).

We must:

  • keep a register of all reportable gift offers
  • publish a de-identified copy that complies with privacy laws.

Gifts, benefits and hospitality register records:

Avoid making an offer

Avoid making gift offers that our employees cannot accept.

For example: you have an interest in a business decision the employee is likely to make or influence.

If you are a business associate (e.g. supplier or tenderer), consequences may apply if you act contrary to:

  • our policy
  • any Victorian government supplier code of conduct.

Avoid making multiple offers

If you make multiple gift offers the overall effect may raise integrity issues.

Further information

For further information about our policy please email integrity@delwp.vic.gov.au

Our agencies

Our agencies have similar obligations regarding gift offers. On Board offers a model policy, declaration form and register. It also has guidance notes. Visit Boards and governance - gifts, benefits and hospitality

Page last updated: 13/11/23