The Fallen Personnel Memorial honours the people who have lost their lives while working for the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action and predecessor organisations.

We established the memorial in 2020 to pay tribute to the personnel who have died in the line of duty, whether that be

  • protecting lives
  • property
  • the environment from the threat of bushfires
  • in other lines of work, such as forestry, environmental science and land management

As part of the establishment of the memorial, 9 honour rolls have been installed at DEECA sites across Victoria listing the names of our fallen personnel.

Fallen Personnel Memorial

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As part of the establishment of the memorial, 9 honour rolls have been installed at DEECA sites across Victoria listing the names of our fallen personnel.

Metropolitan and regional honour rolls

The statewide honour roll at DEECA’s Nicholson Street office in Melbourne currently lists the names of 145 personnel who died between the 1870s and early 2020.

The other 8 honour rolls have been set up at regional sites and list the names specific to a region of Victoria.

We will always honour and pay tribute to our colleagues who tragically lost their lives serving the people of Victoria.

For feedback or inquiries about the Fallen Personnel Memorial contact us on (03) 4334 2723.
Name Location Date of death Region
ANSON, William Powelltown 14/02/1926 Port Phillip
APTED, Amos Neerim South 13/08/1941 Gippsland
ARGENT, Vivian John Rubicon 10/01/1939 Hume
BADAWAY, Nabil Warrnambool 17/07/1995 Barwon South West
Balfour, David Marysville 17/02/2009 Hume
BARBER-FANKHAUSER, Cheryl Bright 26/02/2003 Hume
BARLING, John Hartley Toolangi 8/01/1939 Hume
BATTY, Albert Zion Beech Forest 9/10/1919 Barwon South West
BAULCH, Philip Dartmouth Dam 6/02/1975 Hume
BLACKBURN, David Cann River 20/04/1993 Gippsland
BLENNER HASSETT, Richard Mildura 15/05/1992 Loddon Mallee
BOARDMAN, Joseph Tawonga 3/01/1939 Hume
BOYCE, Ernest John Dargo 15/02/1946 Gippsland
BRIGGS, Tom Harrietville 11/08/1961 Hume
BRUNDRETT, George Rubicon 10/01/1939 Hume
BYRNES, John Bright 19/04/1978 Hume
CAIN, James Valentine Rubicon 10/01/1939 Hume
CARMICHAEL, Andrew Melbourne 4/02/1993 Gippsland
CHERRY, Joseph Rubicon 10/01/1939 Hume
COGGER, Henry Gilderoy 10/06/1941 Port Phillip
COLLERY, Michael Narbethong 10/01/1935 Port Phillip
COLLIER, Peter Bright 19/04/1978 Hume
COLLINS, Des Greendale 8/01/1983 Grampians
CONWAY, Randall Myrtleford 24/07/1935 Hume
CRAMER, Peter Tasmania 13/01/2013 Gippsland
CREIGHTON, Neville Alexandra 10/12/2003 Hume
CROWLEY, Thomas Jeremiah Matlock 13/01/1939 Hume
CRUMP, Joseph Otways 3/01/1920 Barwon South West
CYR, Roger Buxton 13/12/1995 Hume
DAWSON, William Port Albert 06/01/1873 Gippsland
DEMBY, Charles Isaac Toolangi 8/01/1939 Hume
DONALD, Thomas Big Pat's Creek 14/02/1926 Port Phillip
EDNEY, John Henry Howmans Gap 11/01/1939 Hume
EDWARDS, Francis Acheron 11/01/1939 Hume
EDWARDS, Temple Erica 15/12/1934 Gippsland
ENGEL, Otto Melbourne 8/03/1989 Port Phillip
FITZPATRICK, Cecil Vincent Matlock 13/01/1939 Hume
FITZPATRICK, George Arthur Matlock 13/01/1939 Hume
FITZPATRICK, James Michael Matlock 13/01/1939 Hume
FLETCHER, Thomas James Erica 6/04/1936 Gippsland
FERGUSON, Reuben Douglas Gembrook 16/01/1955 Port Phillip
GAUDION, Neil Ovens 10/08/2018 Hume
GILLIES, Fredrick Charles Colac 20/07/1915 Barwon South West
GILLETT, Stan Bright 19/04/1978 Hume
GLADIGAU, Walter Matlock 13/01/1939 Hume
GOREY, Michael John Tanjil Bren 13/01/1939 Gippsland
HAMMER, Gary Heyfield 15/04/2014 Gippsland
HAY, Leslie Carl Gilderoy 14/02/1926 Port Phillip
HILL, David Ferntree Gully 3/08/1917 Port Phillip
HILL, Kerri Wodonga 29/03/1988 Hume
HODGE, Michael Corryong 31/08/1965 Hume
HODGE, Victor Charles Corryong 24/04/1968 Hume
HOGG, William Nowa Nowa 28/01/1908 Gippsland
HOWITT, James Matlock 13/01/1939 Hume
HUME, Allen Big Pat's Creek 14/02/1926 Port Phillip
IGOSHUS, Antonio Acheron 11/01/1939 Hume
IGOSHUS, Pandelis Acheron 11/01/1939 Hume
ILLINGSWORTH, George Henry Matlock 13/01/1939 Hume
ILLINGSWORTH, George William Matlock 13/01/1939 Hume
JAMIESON, Stephen Bendoc 2/01/2008 Gippsland
JOHNS, Herbert Gilderoy 14/02/1926 Port Phillip
JOHNS, James Henry Buxton 10/01/1952 Hume
JOHNS, Sydney Gilderoy 14/02/1926 Port Phillip
JOHNSTON, Baden Rubicon 10/01/1939 Hume
JOHNSTONE, Joseph Charles Ross Gilderoy 14/02/1926 Port Phillip
JONES, Jeffery Rutherglen 30/06/1997 Hume
JONES, Kenneth (Fletch) Goolengook 4/12/1984 Gippsland
KADAR, Steven Harrietville 13/02/2013 Hume
KAVANAGH, Mat Thornton 3/01/2020 Hume
KEARNS, Kevin Matlock 13/01/1939 Hume
KENT, Charles Alexander Matlock 13/01/1939 Hume
KERSLAKE, Kenneth Acheron 11/01/1939 Hume
KEY, William Francis Black Sands 6/07/1949 near Powelltown
KNOPP, John Patrick Powelltown 3/02/1932 Port Phillip
KNUCKEY, James Martin Buchanan Matlock 13/01/1939 Hume
KING, Lindsay Douglas Gilderoy 14/02/1926 Port Phillip
LANG, Alan Heywood 17/06/1994 Barwon South West
LE BRUN, Thomas Rubicon 10/01/1939 Hume
LEE, Henry Beechworth 6/10/1936 Hume
LEWIS, Richard Beech Forest 3/03/1922 Barwon South West
LUNSON, Albert Gilderoy 14/02/1926 Port Phillip
LYNCH, Alan Greendale 8/01/1983 Grampians
LYNCH, Peter Yarram 11/04/2010 Gippsland
MCKENZIE, Barry East Melbourne 31/08/2002 Port Phillip
MCLEAN, Thomas Beaufort 7/12/1989 Grampians
MCQUILTEN, Kerry Cann River 1/11/2007 Gippsland
MACKINNON, Hugh Finlayson Noojee 15/01/1939 Gippsland
MICKAN, Walter Mt Erica 1/03/1970 Gippsland
MILLER, Edward Erica 5/02/1932 Gippsland
MODESTI, Claudio Burnley 30/09/1992 Port Phillip
MOLE, Brian Narbethong 29/11/1955 Hume
MOLONEY, James Erica 5/02/1932 Gippsland
MOORE, Arthur Bruce Euroa 24/05/1950 Hume
MORESI, David Gelantipy 30/11/2019 Gippsland
MORRISON, Gerald Myrtleford 5/01/1988 Hume
MULHARE, Robert Frances Forrest 18/08/1920 Barwon South West
MURDOCK, Peter Rubicon 10/01/1939 Hume
NEASON, Alfred Rubicon 10/01/1939 Hume
NEWTON, Robert Wonnangatta 31/01/1994 Hume
O'BRIEN, Robert Kerang 12/09/2011 Loddon Mallee
O'SHEA, John Erica 5/02/1932 Gippsland
OSTERMANN, George Matlock 13/01/1939 Hume
PARKER, Neil Otway State Forest 15/02/1999 Barwon South West
PAUL, Edward Matlock 11/08/1939 Hume
PAYNE, Archibald Charles Rubicon 10/01/1939 Hume
PAYNE, George Rubicon 10/01/1939 Hume
PEELER, Arthur Harvey Alexandra 30/10/1947 Hume
PETERS, Herbert Mirboo North 30/01/1961 Gippsland
PETERS, Katie Harrietville 13/02/2013 Hume
POWER, Richard Cohuna 19/07/1988 Loddon Mallee
RADFORD, Tom Mt Useful 14/01/1985 Gippsland
RAMSAY, Robert Mount Cole State Forest 9/11/1950 Grampians
REGAN, Vincent Erica 27/01/1983 Gippsland
RICHARDS, Wilfred Michael Erica 5/02/1932 Gippsland
ROBERTS, Lawrence Gilderoy 14/02/1926 Port Phillip
ROBINSON, C.A Sale 29/06/1918 Gippsland
ROBINSON, Francis William Childers 27/04/1962 Gippsland
RODGERS, James Matlock 13/01/1939 Hume
ROGERS, Clarence William Matlock 13/01/1939 Hume
ROGERS, Gilbert Bernard Matlock 13/01/1939 Hume
ROUSE, Terrence Kemp Cann River 15/11/1974 Gippsland
ROWELL, Ian Weir Warrnambool 25/04/1985 Barwon South West
ROWLEY, Stanley Thomas Heywood 22/08/1976 Barwon South West
SADDLIER, Ronald James Gunbower State Forest 4/11/1976 Loddon Mallee
SANDHAM, Albert Ernest Gilderoy 14/02/1926 Port Phillip
SANDY, John Melbourne 3/04/1967 Port Philllip
SAXTON, Alfred Bentley Tanjil Bren 13/01/1939 Gippsland
SCHULTZ, August (Jack) Erica 5/02/1932 Gippsland
SCHULTZ, Arthur East Melbourne 6/10/1985 Port Phillip
SIMS, Lemuel Rubicon 10/01/1939 Hume
SLADE, Bill Anglers Rest 11/01/2020 Hume
SMITH, D'Arcy Michael Whitfield 21/02/1972 Hume
SOLDARIS, Christos Acheron 11/01/1939 Hume
SPIERS, Arthur Leslie Wandong 23/11/1950 Hume
STANFORD, Blake Tallangatta 3/01/2002 Hume
STOKES, Richard East Melbourne 18/08/2004 Port Phillip
TRIGG, Arthur Edwin Bungador 1/01/1937 Barwon South West
TUCKER, Leslie Claude Beech Forest 10/07/1936 Barwon South West
TULLY, Keith James (Tim) Toolangi 1/03/1982 Hume
TURNER, Albert Keith Licola 14/05/1954 Gippsland
WALKER, Edgar John Gilderoy 14/02/1926 Port Phillip
WALLACE, Michael John Patrick Matlock 13/01/1939 Hume
WALSH, Valentine Gilderoy 14/02/1926 Port Phillip
WELCH, Kenneth John Harrietville 23/12/1974 Hume
WELLS, Kevin Maribynong 13/11/1990 Hume
WEST, Hedley John Rubicon 10/01/1939 Hume
WILSON, Fredrick Bruthen 1/04/1946 Gippsland
WYATT, Geoffrey Rubicon 10/01/1939 Hume

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