The Victorian Charter of Human Rights came into full effect on 1 January 2008. It obliges all public sector organisations to ensure that they uphold and promote the human rights detailed in the Charter.

If you believe that DEECA or one of its officers has not fulfilled its responsibilities to you under the Charter, you can raise your concerns with us through the procedure described below.

Rights and responsibilities

There are 20 different rights specifically protected under the Charter, which come under the 4 broad categories of:

  • Freedom from forced work
  • Freedom of movement
  • Freedom of thought, conscience, religion and belief
  • Freedom of expression
  • Right to peaceful assembly and freedom of association
  • Property rights
  • Right to liberty and security of person
  • Fair hearing
  • Rights in criminal proceedings
  • Right not to be tried and punished more than once
  • Protection from retrospective criminal laws
  • Right to life
  • Protection of families and children
  • Cultural rights, including recognition that human rights have a special importance for the Aboriginal people of Victoria
  • Recognition and equality before the law
  • Entitlement to participate in public life (including voting)
  • Protection from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment
  • Protection of privacy and reputation
  • Humane treatment when deprived of liberty
  • Appropriate treatment of children in the criminal process
What DEECA will do for you

DEECA has a responsibility to respect and promote these rights. They impact on the way in which we make policies and decisions, and how we act in the service of the people of Victoria. The Charter applies to all employees, contractors and volunteers engaged by the department.

What you can do if you think your rights have been breached

If you believe that either a policy, decision or action of the department has not adequately respected your rights under the charter you can make a complaint. Complaints go to our Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Officer.

So that we can properly understand and respond to your concerns, please complete a complaint and send it to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Officer at the address below. Provide your name and contact details so they can speak with you about your complaint.

All complaints are treated with confidence and only those who are directly involved will be contacted. If you are concerned about the confidentiality of your complaint, please speak with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Officer.

All complaints are registered when received, and you will receive written confirmation that your complaint has been received within 5 working days. The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Officer will investigate your complaint, and a written response will normally be provided within 28 days.

If you are unsatisfied with the department's response, you can contact the Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission or the Victorian Ombudsman.

To find out more about the Victorian Charter of Human Rights visit the Department of Justice website.

Queries or complaints can be addressed to:

The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Officer
Human Resources Branch
Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action
8 Nicholson St
East Melbourne VIC 3002

Phone 03 9637 8079

Page last updated: 09/01/23