As public servants, we strive to earn public trust and meet community expectations.

We avoid gifts and excessive hospitality This protects public confidence in the integrity of our decision-making.

The Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) sets standards of conduct for the Victorian public sector. The DEECA model policy adopts and incorporates the VPSC minimum accountabilities for managing gifts, benefits and hospitality. The requirements cover how agencies, their board members and workplace participants:

  • respond to offers of gifts, benefits and hospitality
  • provide gifts, benefits and hospitality.

Most DEECA agencies have a legal obligation to comply with the minimum accountabilities.

Advisory bodies and small crown land committees of management may choose to adopt the model policy as best practice.

Model policy for agencies and boards

VPSC guidance

  • The VPSC publishes tools and resources to help agencies have a suitable a gifts, benefits and hospitality framework. These include a policy guide, model declaration form and register.

Privacy collection statement

Your agency receives and publishes information about gift offers that may include people’s names. The attached privacy collection statement can be published with your policy and register.

Privacy collection statement gift offers (DOCX, 586.3 KB)

Page last updated: 27/06/23