The DEECA 2023-27 Corporate Plan communicates the overall vision and goals for the department into the future. It describes our plan for how we will prioritise its resources and deliver initiatives to achieve these goals and realise benefits for the Victorian Community.

The Plan is the department’s medium-term plan, consistent with the Victorian Government’s objectives, priorities and budget decisions. The 4-year plan is refreshed annually in accordance with requirements under the Financial Management Act 1994.

Our portfolio priorities are underpinned by a commitment to Aboriginal self-determination, effective action on climate change and sustainable economic growth through investment in renewable energy through our circular economy plan.

This Corporate Plan document outlines the organisational context and operating model for DEECA, before articulating the strategic planning structure then goes on to detail the outcomes DEECA sets out to achieve over the medium term and how we will measure our performance.

DEECA 2023-2027 Corporate Plan (PDF, 3.4 MB)

DEECA 2023-2027 Corporate Plan - Accessible (DOCX, 19.5 MB)

DEECA 2023-2027 Corporate plan, solar panel Camping ground and a close up of a bee landing on flowers

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