Environmental policy statement (2019)

  1. All departments are required to have an environment policy in place as part of their environmental management system (EMS).
  2. The Department of Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action is committed to minimising environmental impacts associated with all operations by:
    • reducing greenhouse gas emissions and all pollution.
    • minimising the consumption of water, energy, materials and other resources
    • reducing, reusing and recycling waste
  3. We will:
    • Monitor, review, and report on environmental indicators, and strive for continual improvement through targets and action plans, working collaboratively with other departments.
    • Ensure all operational activities follow the requirements of relevant environmental legislation and government policy.
    • Ensure all new capital works programs incorporate comprehensive environmental sustainability principles by following department design and build guidelines.
    • Incorporate environmental principles in all procurement processes, considering supply chain impacts, life cycle costing and end-of-life disposal, requiring suppliers to remove and reuse packaging when goods are purchased in bulk.
    • Consider environmental factors when purchasing and using fleet vehicles and encourage employees and other workplace participants to use public transport and flexible working technology to reduce the need for travel.
    • Maintain and externally audit the EMS every 2 years to make sure all relevant environmental legislation requirements are met.

Page last updated: 08/01/23