In December 2018, DELWP launched our Aboriginal Procurement Strategy to support a whole-of-Victorian-Government target that 1% of all contracts and purchase orders will be sourced from Aboriginal businesses by 2019-2020.

Our strategy echoes the Victorian Government’s commitment to supporting business development, stimulating entrepreneurship, and providing better financial outcomes for Aboriginal Victorians.

The target is an initiative of the Tharamba Bugheen Victorian Aboriginal Business Strategy 2017-2021, with 1% of government procurement from small-to-medium enterprises to be from Victorian Aboriginal businesses.

Supporting Aboriginal Victorian businesses by creating a policy that actively encourages us to use Aboriginal businesses is part of the broader work done by the Victorian Government toward Aboriginal inclusion and self-determination.

Our Aboriginal Inclusion Plan is a key outcome identified in DELWP’s Munganin Gadhaba opportunity and prosperity for Aboriginal people.

Page last updated: 15/07/22