DEECA brings together Victoria’s energy, environment, water, agriculture, forestry, resources, climate action, and emergency management functions into a single department to maximise connections between the environment, community, industry and economy.

Our challenge is to improve Victoria’s liveability with a population expected to almost double by 2050 while responsibly tackling climate change and protecting our natural environment, infrastructure and heritage for future generations.

Our public value outcomes

DEECA is focused on these public value outcomes:

  1. Reduced impact of major bushfires and other emergencies on people, property and the environment.
  2. Zero emission, climate-ready economy and community
  3. Healthy, resilient and biodiverse environment
  4. Reliable, efficient, accessible, safe and sustainable energy services
  5. Productive and effective land management
  6. Safe and sustainable water resources
  7. A quality built environment
  8. Sustainable and effective local governments

Our corporate plan 2023-2027 outlines the outcomes we seek to achieve over the next 4 years, our strategies for achieving these, and how we will measure our success.

Building a positive organisational culture

To best serve Victorians, we strive to build a positive organisational culture built on

  • strong leadership
  • diversity
  • collaboration
  • innovation
  • developing our people.

Our vision and principles

Our vision for diversity and inclusion is a workplace culture that embraces individual differences in all forms and fosters innovation.

We live our diversity and inclusion values when our people embrace the following principles:

  • connect effectively with our diverse customers and communities to understand their needs
  • embrace different viewpoints
  • have equal opportunity in the workplace
  • feel they belong and know their unique contribution is valued
  • leverage the experience and ideas of others

Page last updated: 21/11/23