Aerial image of set aside area in Cape Bridgewater

To increase safety for beach users, protect native animals and legally permit boat launching from the beach, a new designated set-down area on the beach between the boat ramp and water’s edge has been introduced.

DEECA has placed signage on site outlining the mandatory conditions for the set-down area.

This includes having a spotter ahead of the vehicle or trailer to monitor for people and native animals such as Hooded Plovers.

DEECA is working with Glenelg Shire Council as the designated land manager on alternate parking arrangements.

Parking vehicles and trailers on the beach remains prohibited and driving or parking on beaches anywhere in Victoria is illegal without proper authorisation, including at Cape Bridgewater.

The Conservation Regulator Victoria will be patrolling beaches to inform beach users of the regulations and ensure compliance.

Thank you for your engagement, this is a transitional process to ensure people can continue to utilise the boat ramps in the area while maintaining safety for beach users and native animals.

Page last updated: 01/02/24