Laura Town-Hopkinson

Graduate profile

  • Job title: Coastcare Victoria Graduate Officer, Barwon South West
  • University: University of Melbourne
  • University courses: Bachelor of Science and Master of BioScience

What a typical working day looks like for Laura

7:00 am

Wake up, make a coffee and some breakfast and tuck into a book for the hour.

8:00 am

I focus better with no distractions, so early morning is when I get some coding done! This will involve cleaning datasets, running preliminary analysis or producing some data products.

10:00 am

Meet with my team to get an update on the week’s priorities. During working from home, its also a great opportunity to socialise and catch up.

11:00 am

Focus time: work on a key project that I’m supporting with, for example, preparing spatial data for visualisation online, edit reports, and write guides or summary documents.

12:30 pm

Lunch time – working from home means I can make a healthy, fresh meal and try get some outdoor time in the sunshine!

1:00 pm

Focus time again: continue working on key projects, maybe scheduling a meeting to brainstorm with a co-worker about some work.

2:00 pm

Online meeting with co-workers to discuss a data service product we are producing for the public. It involves identifying workflows, automation processes and our individual roles in the coming week.

3:00 pm

Dedicate some time to work on my learning and development: I’ve enrolled in a python and SQL short course, so I’ll write up some code for an assignment. This helps me improve my data analysis skills for my work.

4:00 pm

Wrap up any last pieces of work, check my emails and send off responses, write up my to-do list for the next day.

5:00 pm

Clock off! Quickly jump into exercise. Depending on the day, I’ll either go to dance class, yoga, go surfing or the gym.

6:30 pm

Cook up some dinner – I love cooking as a way to destress after a busy day, particularly sharing it with housemates. Otherwise I’ll go out to grab a bite to eat with some friends.

8:00 pm

Settle into one of my favourite hobbies – I like taking some time to get artsy as my work role is quite analytical, so I will do some watercolour painting, some sketching or practising playing the banjo.

9:30 pm

Before bed every night I journal. It really helps me to slow down, take time to reflect on my day and be grateful for my favourite parts.

10:00 pm

Go to bed, I need my 9 hours 😊

Page last updated: 27/07/22