We seek community and stakeholder feedback on an ongoing basis to improve our services to you

Our Community Charter promises we will listen to our community and stakeholders and take action to create thriving environments and communities. The Community charter is our guide to how we engage and build trust with communites.

Two ways we do this are:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys on our websites and in our Customer Contact Centre
  • Bi-annual independent Customer and Stakeholder research

Customer satisfaction

When you use our website or contact our Customer Contact Centre we ask for feedback on your experience.

Your feedback is used to improve our services to the community.

In 2021 we received over 15,000 responses to our surveys and we used this information to:

  • improve the quality of information you need to interact with us
  • inform updates and improvements to our websites
  • fix the little things, like broken links on our websites which are difficult and annoying
  • improve the customer service we provide to you.

Customer and Stakeholder Intelligence

In-depth research is conducted every 2 years with stakeholders and customers to find out how effectively we are tracking on our commitment to be inclusive, available and assessable.

The research includes questions like:

  • Are we easy to contact?
  • Is our information, clear and easy to find?
  • Do we understand your needs?
  • Do we respond quickly to your feedback and are we consistent in our approach?

The feedback we receive helps us to take action to ensure we:

  • are consistent in our service delivery by providing a coordinated and integrated approach across the state
  • easy to contact by stakeholders and the community
  • provide clear and easy-to-access information, including regular updates on policy implementation
  • continue to champion gender equality and diversity in our community
  • implement a 24/7 digital delivery of our services on-line which is accessible, timely and meets the needs of our diverse stakeholders and customers.

Page last updated: 08/01/23