Radial timber sign in foreground, Timber mill in background

Spiegel Energy in partnership with Radial Timbers, GridEdge and Earth Systems received $2 million through the Forestry Transition Program to establish the Yarram Energy Park at the Yarram mill in Gippsland, supported by Wellington Shire Council.

Phase one of the project is now complete with the installation of a pilot bioenergy cell plant through the purchase of a pyrolysis unit and GridEdge Battery solar and storage system.

The pilot plant uses pyrolysis technology, where Radial's by-products - such as sawdust and wood chips - are burnt at high temperatures without oxygen to produce biochar, a carbon rich product that is used to improve soil quality.

The plant has the potential to provide 30 per cent of Radial Timber's heat and electricity needs, as well as produce other bio products including wood vinegar, which can be used as an organic pesticide among other uses.

The pilot is the result of three years' research and development, and if successful, the project partners are committed to the installation of a larger pyrolysis unit.

In the future, it may even become an additional energy source for the town as the community focuses on moving towards renewable energy and plantation timber to ensure that Gippsland's economy is vibrant for decades to come.

The renewable energy park is just one example of how businesses and communities are embracing innovation and exploring new opportunities. Radial Timber has also received more than $480,000 in grants from Rounds 1 and 2 of the Victorian Timber Innovation Fund for projects including trialling the processing of different types of plantation timber.

Visit the Forestry Transition Program website or call 1800 318 182 for more information.

Page last updated: 13/06/24