Dr John Koehn and Dr Charles Todd

The award, presented to the scientists recently, celebrates their long-term contributions to fish, fisheries research, management and the scientific community.

John was honoured for his substantial contributions to freshwater fish ecology, particularly in the Murray-Darling Basin and was a key figure in the preparation of the Murray-Darling Basin Commission’s Native Fish Strategy, a pivotal policy on fish biology in the basin.

He is also notable in the field as a leading member of expert panels, ministerial committees, and national recovery teams throughout his career, and has more than 250 publications to his name.

Charles was noted by the ASFB as a true exemplar of the hall of fame award who has made outstanding contributions to the society.

He is a leader in population modelling and lends his extensive expertise in freshwater fisheries management. His work has shaped major fish research and management responses, and he has served as the ASFB secretary for 14 years.

John said he is ‘very chuffed’ by the honour.

‘As a professional, to be recognised by your peers is both special and humbling,’” he said.

‘Such awards also reflect heavily on the excellence of our organisation and the support received. I am proud to have achieved this as part of the Applied Aquatic Ecology section and ARI.’

Charles said: ‘It’s a great honour to be recognised in this way and very humbling. These awards highlight the ongoing contribution that ARI and DELWP make to these important scientific organisations. It is a significant secondary contribution that we as scientists make to our science communities.’

The hall of fame honours are a recognition of John’s and Charles’ immense professional standing and the ARI’s position as one of Australia’s leading ecological science institutions. Congratulations!

Page last updated: 21/10/21