The modernisation of the Victorian Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs) and forest management system is guided by the latest science. RFA Assessments are undertaking a multi-year program of works that will provide, data, information and knowledge to the full suite of DELWP's forest management reform activities over the next few years, including but not limited to Modernising Victoria's RFAs; legislative and regulatory reform; integrated forest and fire management planning and maintenance and any review of the Forest Management Zoning Scheme.

These factsheets provide an overview of the latest science that is informing the modernisation of our forest management system. Further factsheets will be provided as they become available. Should you require an accessible version, please contact the DELWP Customer Service Centre on 136186 or email us.

Fact Sheets

Factsheet 2: Rainforest

To protect Victoria's sensitive rainforest ecosystems, we need accurate, up-to-date forest maps. 

Find out more. (PDF, 375.5 KB)

Factsheet 3: Old Growth Forests

We need to understand forest makeup, ecosystems and biodiversity to manage Victorian forests. 

Find out more. (PDF, 129.6 KB)

Factsheet 4: Biodiversity

To manage Victorian forests, we need to understand forest biodiversity and ecosystems. 

Find out more. (PDF, 326.0 KB)

Factsheet 5: Threatened Species

Improved data and modelling to increase understanding of forest-dependent threatened species.

Find out more. (PDF, 319.3 KB)

Factsheet 6: LiDAR

Comprehensive mapping of high conservation value forests provides the foundation for monitoring and management. 

Find out more.  (PDF, 367.1 KB)

Factsheet 7: Climate Change

Understanding the impacts of climate change on forests and forest-dependent species. 

Find out more. (PDF, 264.2 KB)

Factsheet 8: Forest Carbon

Assessing the current and future value of forests in storing carbon.

Find out more. (PDF, 296.9 KB)

Factsheet 9: Water

Valuing the ecosystem service of clean water supply and purification by forests. 

Find out more. (PDF, 263.3 KB)

Factsheet 10: Partnerships with Traditional Owners

Traditional Owners' Caring for Country is a vital part of looking after and managing Victoria's forests.

Find out more. (PDF, 234.6 KB)

Factsheet 11: Ecosystem Services

To manage Victorian forests, we need to evaluate the benefit of the ecosystem services they provide

Find out more. (PDF, 283.5 KB)

Factsheet 12: Community Values

What does the Victorian public see as important when it comes to forests? 

Find out more. (PDF, 267.9 KB)

Factsheet 13: Heritage and Recreation

Understanding what we value is important in managing Victorian forests. 

Find out more. (PDF, 344.8 KB)

Factsheet 14: Timber Values

Economic assessment of the timber value of Victoria's forests.

Find out more. (PDF, 259.1 KB)

Factsheet 15: Decision Support Systems

Decisions about how best to manage Victoria's forests are becoming more complex.

Find out more. (PDF, 236.8 KB)

Page last updated: 02/04/20