The Victorian Government is committed to working in partnership with Traditional Owners and has committed to a process of reforming the systems and processes that create barriers to the self-determination of Traditional Owners and Aboriginal Victorians.

The Cultural Landscapes Strategy serves a vitally important role in providing direction to the Victorian Government about how it can enable and empower Traditional Owner self-determination in land management.

Victorian Traditional Owners have developed the Cultural Landscapes Strategy (CLS) to set out a framework and pathways to lead the planning and management of Country in line with their cultural obligations to care for Country.

The Strategy supports unique and iterative development towards this at the pace chosen by each Traditional Owner group.

It provides core principles, tangible actions and a common language that can underpin the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action and Parks Victoria’s approach to future forest and parks management decisions including policy and legislative reform.

DEECA and Parks Victoria have supported the development of the Cultural Landscapes Strategy.

The Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations (FVTOC) has facilitated the coordination of the Cultural Landscapes Strategy with Traditional Owner Corporations and Traditional Owner knowledge holders.

For further information, visit the FVTOC website.

Page last updated: 26/09/23