In March 2018, the Hon Lily D’Ambrosio MP (on behalf of the State of Victoria) and the Hon Senator Ruston (on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia) signed an Memorandum of Understanding which sets out key commitments and areas of focus for the renewal and extension of the five Victorian Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs).

A Project Work Plan signed by the lead departments in October 2018 establishes the governance arrangements and key milestones for the negotiations.

Ultimately, amendments to the Victorian RFAs are agreed by the Prime Minister of Australia and the Premier of Victoria. Victorian and joint Victorian-Commonwealth governance committees have been established to support the negotiation of amendments to the Victorian RFAs.

Victorian and Commonwealth governance committees

Committees comprising representatives of the Victorian and Australian governments will lead the negotiation of amendments to the five Victorian RFAs. The lead departments for the negotiations are DELWP (Vic) and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (Cth), supported by the Department of Jobs Precincts and Regions (DJPR; Vic) and the Department of Environment and Energy (DoEE; Cth).

Whole of Victorian Government governance committee

A committee comprising representatives from key Victorian Government departments and agencies will propose Victoria’s negotiating position around key themes, consistent with Victorian Government objectives and informed by scientific assessments of forest values and the outcomes of community and stakeholder engagement.

The committee includes representatives of DELWP, DJPR, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Department of Treasury and Finance, and VicForests.

Scientific Advisory Panel

An independent Scientific Advisory Panel has been appointed to provide science-based advice to inform the renewal of the Victorian RFAs and design of a contemporary forest management system that is resilient and adaptive to a changing climate and associated management challenges.

RFA Reference Group

An RFA Reference Group has been appointed to enable representatives of key organisations representing diverse community interests to work together to provide advice on potential changes to the Victorian RFAs, informed by contemporary science and community values.

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