Additional Environmental Protections announced

15 July 2022

The Victorian Government has introduced a $14 million package that will:

  • provide increased clarity for the timber industry to meet its obligations under the Precautionary Principle through compliance standards
  • improve powers for the Conservation Regulator
  • further best practice regeneration of native timber harvesting coupes.

Cultural landscapes strategy released

27 April 2021

The Victorian Traditional Owner Cultural Landscapes Strategy, written by Traditional Owners and launched on 27 August 2021, sets out a framework and the pathways to lead the planning and management of Country in line with cultural obligations to care for Country.

A key part of current forest management reform that’s improving care and management of Victoria’s forests, the Cultural Landscapes Strategy will provide vital direction to the Victorian Government about how to support Traditional Owner self-determination in land management. Read more about the Strategy.


Modernised agreements strengthen protections for Victoria's forests

1 April 2020

Modernised Victorian Regional Agreements (RFAs) provide for sustainable management and use of Victoria's forests.

The modernised RFAs bolster protections for Victoria's unique forest biodiversity and threatened species and have new commitments to work together with Traditional Owners to protect Country while supporting the transition from native timber harvesting to plantations.

They support active, adaptive and accountable forest management and provide for a range of forest uses and benefits.

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