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The aerial photography and satellite imagery collected by DEECA and DTP’s Vicmap Spatial Services team is available from our  Image Web Server (IWS).

Image Web Server (IWS) is a central source for DEECA's aerial photography, satellite imagery and digitised maps.

It includes our vast array of new and historical imagery, the latest aerial photography acquired by business units and the whole-of-Victorian-government Coordinated Imagery Program (CIP).

This rich source of information can be viewed through a web browser or integrated with various mapping and GIS applications.

Some of the imagery is open and accessible while some are restricted access via an agreement.

Approved customers need a MyProfile account to access the aerial photography and satellite imagery available via the Image Web Server.

View imagery via a browser

IWS viewer guide

The Image Web Server Viewer allows easy viewing of imagery in a web browser. The resolution of each image is improved and optimised with each zoom level. It is ideal for browsing the range of images that cover an area of interest and viewing each image's coverage.

Integrate imagery into your GIS application

These images can be integrated into your application as described in the guides below.


ESRI desktop


How to get help

For queries about license fees email the GIS.Helpdesk.

Page last updated: 29/11/23