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Search for an address, zoom to its location and find some basic information about the property including coordinates and reference points for emergency services.

How do I search?

Using the Global Search tool

  • Start typing your address into the global search tool.
  • As you progressively add more information, the search results refine.
  • The tool displays only the first 5 search results by default.
  • When your address of interest appears in the drop-down list, select it with your mouse.

Note: Do not press the enter key.

The best format to search for an address

Use the following format:

  • street number
  • street name
  • suburb or locality name
  • and, finally, the postcode.

Note: You may only need to provide some of this information to find a match.

Address points for Emergency Services map

View a larger version of the map.

Address points displayed

The results will display:

  • Intergraph 94 coordinates
  • VicGrid 94 coordinates
  • GDA 94 coordinates
  • Melway reference
  • SV Mapbook Reference
  • Property PFI
  • Address PFI
  • Fire Service Area.

Page last updated: 29/11/23