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The Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) creates and maintains a wide variety of spatial data which it uses to make informed decisions about energy, the environment and climate action.

Spatial data is data that represents a feature or features on, beneath or above the earth's surface.

These features are generally represented as

  • points, lines or polygons, often referred to as vector data
  • images in the form of aerial photographs or satellite imagery, often referred to as raster data
  • a table or spreadsheet that contains information that can be identified as a location, like an address or postcode, often referred to as an aspatial table.

DEECA catalogues its spatial data using metadata (often referred to as data about data) so finding what you are looking for is quick and easy.

DEECA stores its spatial data in the GDA2020 coordinate system (geographics projection, GDA2020 datum) and supports backward compatibility with GDA94 via DataShare.

Search, discover and download

Use DataShare to search, discover and download spatial data published by DEECA and other Victorian Government departments. You can find spatial data relating to Energy, Environment, Earth Resources, Fire, Forests, Public Land, Water and more.

Valuable Vicmap, Planning, Transport and Heritage data managed by the Department of Transport and Planning and Heritage data managed by the Department of Premier and Cabinet are also available on DataShare.

Customize your data download by choosing your spatial format, coordinate system, buffer distance, the whole dataset or a subset based on a geographic area.

DEECA's open and restricted data is available on DataShare. You can search and download open data without having to login. To order data and download it, you will need to provide a valid email address because we'll email you when your order is ready to download.

You can also create an account to unlock extra features in DataShare. With an account, you can track your order, repeat your order, schedule repeated orders and access restricted data that you've been approved to access.

Be sure to create an account via the Login menu option in DataShare so that you can track your orders and access your order history. This will save you from sending support requests to the GIS Help Desk.

Victorian Government Data Access Policy

DataShare supports the Victorian Government Data Access Policy. The purpose of the DataVic Access Policy is:

  • to enable public access to government data to support research and education, promote innovation, support improvements in productivity and stimulate growth in the Victorian economy
  • to enhance sharing of, and access to, information-rich resources to support evidence-based decision making in the public sector

Not all government data will be suitable for release. Access to data may need to be restricted for reasons of privacy, public safety, security and law enforcement, public health, pre-existing contractual arrangements and compliance with the law.

Read more about the Victorian Government's Data Access Policy.

Page last updated: 29/11/23