Interactive Maps

DEECA data is also available via various maps - cartographic representation of data through symbology - from our MapShare Platform.

See examples of the various maps produced.

Spatial Services

DEECA data is also available via a variety of spatial services including, OGC Compliant Web Map and Web Feature Services (WMS & WMS).

More spatial data from the Victorian Government


DataVic is where to search, order and download Victorian Government open data. It does not include restricted data.

DataVic includes DEECA spatial data and nonspatial data owned and managed by other Victorian State Government departments.

Vicmap catalogue

Discover Victoria's authoritative suite of statewide foundational spatial data managed by the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) via the Vicmap catalogue.

The catalogue includes Vicmap Incremental Update Format (IUF) for fast updates of selected Vicmap products with files that contain only the changed information rather than entire revised datasets.

Page last updated: 29/11/23