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Maps, data, GIS and everything spatial

The Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) manages a rich source of spatial data and services that support its core business of managing the state’s natural and built environment.

The value of spatial information is in the understanding and visualisation of location. With this unique capability spatial information reveals deeper insights into patterns, relationships and situations in the area of interest and surrounding area, resulting in insightful, informed and accurate decisions.

Understanding location is critical to policymaking and decision-making for all levels of government (local, state and federal), the private sector and the broader public community and drives better outcomes for the environment, innovation and the Victorian economy.

DEECA's data, maps and spatial services are available to drive better outcomes for all Victorians.

Search and discover

Discover our valuable spatial data to understand what is available and its fitness for purpose.


Obtain historical or the most current version of our authoritative spatial data via download or web services.


View our data on a map with surrounding data to build an informed understanding of location.

Generate a map

Create a map containing our valuable spatial data for the purposes of visualization and reporting.


Integrate business systems with our data to enhance business-specific outcomes.


Use spatial data to gain insights and enhance decision-making through a rich understanding of location.


Summarise outcomes and associated conclusions and recommendations from analysis.

What’s available

We've made our data, maps and services available via these products:

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