The 2021-22 State Budget was announced on 20 May 2021. Visit the Victorian Budget website for more information.

The Budget allocates $1.08 billion for DELWP portfolios to help the department continue our work creating thriving communities and environments and contributing to Victoria’s economic recovery.

Find out about DELWP's Victorian State Budget 2020-21 allocation.

Protecting our communities and environment from bushfires

Protecting our communities and environment from bushfires

Investing in bushfire preparedness to ensure we’re adapting to a rapidly changing climate.

$517 million for forest and fire management to address the need to protect our communities and environment and reduce the risk of bushfires in a changing climate.

Reducing bushfire risk in a rapidly changing climate

$323.6 million to deliver critical bushfire and land management actions, continue actions initiated in the Safer Together and Reducing Bushfire Risk programs and enable Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic) to continue to deliver an enhanced fuel management program keeping communities and the environment safe.

Enhanced communications during emergencies

$133.5 million has been allocated to upgrade digital radios for Forest and Fire Management Victoria staff and Country Fire Authority volunteers.

Supporting Traditional Owners to care for Country

$22.6 million together with $6.3 million in ongoing funding will provide direct resources to formally recognised Traditional Owner groups to reinvigorate Cultural Fire on Country.

Ensuring collaboration in bushfire risk management across land tenures

$21.2 million to establish the Office of Bushfire Risk Management within the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), to lead and coordinate the implementation of evidence-based fuel management policy, practice, assurance and reporting across all land tenures.

Protecting communities with increased non-planned burning activities

Funding of $15.6 million will increase mechanical fuel treatments like slashing and mowing particularly in high risk and long untreated areas to ensure fuel management can be delivered even when it is not safe to burn (e.g. up close to communities or when weather conditions are not suitable).

Investing in environmental protection

Protecting our environment for Victorians to enjoy while addressing climate change and contributing to the state’s economic recovery.

$341 million in programs that will protect our climate future, enhance and care for our forests, parks and wildlife while supporting Victorians to continue to enjoy the outdoors.

Protecting regional environments

$37.92 million will allow for the delivery of community-centred Forest Management, empower Traditional Owners to manage Country and continue the important work currently underway.

Remediating high-risk waste sites

$14.08 million for the EPA to clean up high risk waste sites

Investing in strong compliance and protection

$8.74 million over 2 years for the Conservation Regulator to ensure the effective regulation and protection of Victoria’s wildlife and forests.

Supporting the Port Phillip EcoCentre

$2.75 million towards the $5.5 million redevelopment of the Port Phillip EcoCentre.

Implementing Great Ocean Road management reforms

$4.46 million over 2 years to continue reforms for the management of the Great Ocean Road.

Enhancing Parks Victoria Operations

$31.68 million for Parks Victoria to continue the Park Rangers program, retain 57 park rangers and support staff roles and help meet unprecedented visitor demand, enabling dedicated rangers to undertake critical fire management roles and deliver important planning for Wattle Park in Burwood.

Backing our environmental volunteers

$51.94 million for unique biodiversity protection through community driven action

Protecting Port Phillip Bay

$8.8 million for the Port Phillip Bay Fund

Protecting our wildlife

$5.79 million for a wildlife protection and support package

Tackling weeds and pests

$5 million for weed and pest management

Supporting Trust for Nature

$4 million in funding for Trust for Nature

Continuing Zoos Victoria Kids go free policy

$20 million for the kids free policy at Zoos Victoria on weekends, Victorian public holidays and school holidays to encourage Victorian families to visit our world class zoos.

Mt Baw Baw amenity upgrades

$4 million to replace the wastewater plant and sewerage network at Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort.

Making public land safe from contamination

$2.89 million funding is provided to support Victorian wildlife centres and shelters, enabling rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife and support of wildlife rehabilitators.

Wildlife Act review

$3.05 million to fund the review of the 1975 Wildlife Act to better protect our wildlife and align with the principles and features of contemporary legislation such as transparency and accountability.

A clean air future for Victorians

$1.79 million to increase the early diagnosis and treatment of childhood asthma among inner west communities, to achieve better long-term health outcomes.

Strengthening the EPA

$76.43 million to ensure the EPA continues to provide vital regulatory functions and effectively implements Victoria’s new environment protection framework.

Seizing the economic opportunity of a net zero, climate resilient Victoria

$10 million to support the delivery of the Climate Change Strategy and seize the economic opportunities of the transition to net zero emissions.

Keeping Victorians COVIDSafe on public land over summer

$1.41 million was provided to assist public land and waterway managers reduce the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission and other risks associated with increased visitation to public land and waterways throughout Victoria over summer 2020-21.

More Trees for a cooler, greener West

$5 million to plant trees in Melbourne’s west to reduce the risk of heat stress, create access to green spaces and improve overall air quality.

Initiatives to fast-track Victoria’s recovery from the 2019-20 Victorian bushfires

$41.65 million has been provided for a range of initiatives to assist communities impacted by the 2019-20 Victorian bushfires.

Investing in essential energy functions, safer powerlines and Zero Emissions Vehicles

Continuing our leadership in transforming the way that we generate, consume, and even think about energy.

$110.4 million to build on the record $1.6 billion Clean Energy Package in the 2020-21 Budget while enhancing our energy security and lowering powerline-related bushfire risk.

Maintaining essential energy functions

$62.9 million to maintain essential energy functions while ensuring that retailers respect the rights of vulnerable customers through the Energy Fairness Plan.

Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) subsidy program

$46 million to fund a $3,000 subsidy for Victorians who purchase Zero Emissions Vehicles.

Strengthening the Powerline Bushfire Safety Program (PBSP)

$1.5 million to continue the delivery of safe powerlines to the Victorian community, including a business case development for future technology-led investment that reduces powerline-related bushfire risk.

Improving waterway health across the state

Helping regional communities recover from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the 2019-20 bushfires by investing in the health of iconic waterways that underpin regional tourism and jobs.

$49.73 million for water sector initiatives that improve the health of key waterways and provide immediate benefits to regional economies.

Healthy waterways and catchments

$24.5 million for boosting waterway health to support the long-term wellbeing and prosperity of Victorian communities who depend on healthy waterways and catchments.

Boosting bushfire recovery in Gippsland and North East Victoria

$5.8 million to help the North East Catchment Management Authority and East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority deliver the Restoring Waterways and Catchments (bushfire recovery) project.

Bendigo groundwater funding boost

$8.53 million to address the impacts of mining on groundwater in and around central Bendigo - with $3.53 million to develop and design a long-term solution and $5 million to extend current groundwater management arrangements.

Water market support

$8.4 million to ensure water markets are working effectively for irrigation communities and provide extension services to capture the benefits of the Goulburn Murray Water Efficiency Project.

Boosting compliance in the water market

$2.5 million to support a zero-tolerance approach to water theft by strengthening compliance and enforcement approaches, investing in measures to maintain confidence in water reliability for entitlement holders and addressing the risks posed by climate change to water availability.

Improving our state’s planning system

Improving our state’s planning system and speeding up the delivery of housing and infrastructure projects in our growing communities.

$28.18 million to create liveable communities, boost jobs and support a neighborhood-focused economic recovery.

Streamlining for Growth

$21 million to boost the Victorian Planning Authority’s capacity to continue delivering the Streamlining for Growth initiative and complete precinct plans for some of the state’s fastest growing suburbs and regional cities.

Guiding Melbourne’s growth

$6.56 million to continue the implementation of Plan Melbourne, the Government’s metropolitan planning strategy guiding Melbourne’s growth and infrastructure until 2050.

Revitalising Geelong

$616,000 to support the operation of the Geelong Authority, to provide strategies to attract investment to central Geelong and create jobs and drive growth as part of the Government’s 10-year Revitalising Central Geelong Action Plan.

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