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The Victorian Government is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from experienced tree-growing businesses to help regional landowners plant trees and reduce Victoria’s carbon emissions.

Businesses are invited to submit an EOI to become Registered Project Advisors for the Victorian Government’s $15.3 million Victorian Carbon Farming Program.

The program will support private landholders to plant agroforestry and shelterbelt trees as part of a pilot that will run in the North Central Catchment Management Authority Region from mid-2023.

Reputable businesses that have experience in delivering tree-growing projects are encouraged to apply.

Project advisors will also be able to apply for funding to help promote the program through field demonstrations and engaging with landowners and community groups.

Landowners who partner with project advisors will have a great opportunity to get the expertise and support to plant trees for a whole range of benefits for their property including offsetting emissions and the sale of carbon or timber products.

The program is supported by joint work between the Victorian Government and CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, to include Plantation and Farm Forestry methods in their online carbon abatement calculator 'LOOC-C' (‘look see’).

In a national first, the calculator will help Victorian landowners to learn about opportunities for plantation and farm forestry activities to sequester carbon and generate revenue through the Commonwealth Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) on their land.

CSIRO LOOC-C Project Leader, Peter Fitch said the calculator is unique because it's the quickest way for landowners to find out what carbon farming options are available, what they are eligible for and what the benefits might be.

'We see it as a conversation starter that enables landowners to undertake a preliminary assessment of options, and to connect them with suitable next steps for their carbon farming journey,' Mr Fitch said.

Through the updates to the LOOC-C calculator and the Victorian Carbon Farming Program, landowners have a practical and tangible end-to-end solution to reduce their carbon footprint and create revenue while bringing benefits to their properties.

The Victorian Carbon Farming Program Registered Project Advisor EOI process will open on Wednesday 12 April 2023 and close on Friday 12 May 2023 and will be followed by a grants round from mid-2023 to support plantings.

For more information on the program and to submit an EOI visit Agriculture Victoria Carbon Farming Program.  LOOC-C is available at

Page last updated: 12/04/23