We lead the government’s response to climate change including:

  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • adapting to the impacts of a changing climate
  • supporting the economic and social transition to a net-zero emissions and climate resilient future

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

We will:

  • implement actions from the Whole of Victorian Government pledge 2021-25 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from government operations
  • work across government and with stakeholders to implement greenhouse gas emission reduction sector pledges for the Victorian economy for 2021-25
  • track Victoria's greenhouse gas emissions and progress towards interim targets for 2021-25 and 2026-30
Outcome measuresResult 20-21Target 21-22
Percentage reduction in Victoria's greenhouse gas emissions relative to 200524.8% @ 2018-19Annual target not available
Estimated emissions reduction from government policiesAnnual target not availableAnnual target not available

Increase government and community capacity to adapt to the impacts of climate change

We will:

  • help the community to understand and manage the risks and impacts of climate change
  • work across the Victorian Government to embed adaptation in core policy areas and systems of the economy
  • manage risks to the Government's own assets and services from climate change
Outcome measuresResult 20-21Target 21-22
Number of people participating in knowledge and information exchanges on adapting to climate change8,904Annual target not available

Increase action on climate change through Victorian Government operations and decision-making

We will:

  • work across the Victorian government to embed climate change in decision making and operations
Outcome measuresResult 20-21Target 21-22
Net-zero DELWP reported electricity emissionsNew measureNet-zero
Increase the proportion of grid-based government electricity sourced from renewablesNew measureAnnual target not available
Increase the number of zero emissions vehicles in government fleetNew measureAnnual target not available

Page last updated: 29/03/23