The department increases the efficiency of supply and use of water in cities and towns and improves environmental conditions of waterways to ensure that Victoria has safe and sustainable water resources to meet future urban, rural and environmental needs.

Increase security and resilience of Victoria's water systems

We will:

  • ensure reliable and safe water supplies in the face of climate change
  • improve the health and priority of waterways and catchments to support environmental, social, cultural, and economic needs and values
Outcome measuresResult 20–21Target 21–22
Cumulative water savings (permanent reduction in irrigation distribution system delivery losses) realised through water recovery projects881,641 megalitres898,661 megalitres
Proportion of properties completely connected to the modernised irrigation delivery system (in the Goulburn Murray, Macalister, Werribee, and Bacchus Marsh irrigation districts)88%98%

Increase implementation of Traditional Owner determined priorities for water management

We will:

  • improve Traditional Owners' access to water for economic development and other self-determined purposes
  • implement Traditional Owner led processes to incorporate Aboriginal values into water management decision-making and practices
Outcome measures Result 20–21 Target 21–22
Number of people holding a position on a Water Board who identify as Aboriginal11 12

Improve the environmental condition of Victoria's waterways and catchments

We will:

  • deliver an integrated program of on-ground works and water for the environment in priority waterways and catchments
  • improve the community connection to priority urban waterways
  • partner with Traditional Owners, landholders, and communities to improve management practices and increase catchment stewardship
Outcome measures Result 20–21 Target 21–22
Number of river reaches or wetlands with maintained or improved environmental condition180300
Hectares of vegetation works undertaken to improve the health and resilience of waterways.9,400ha9,000ha

Increase inclusion of social and community values in water management

We will:

  • increase community participation and inclusion of community values in water management
Outcome measures Result 20–21 Target 21–22
Place-based plans and actions underway for healthier communities and environments that encompass multiple values (Aboriginal, social, environmental and economic) 88

Increase efficiency of water use

We will:

  • reduce average annual household water use in Victorian cities and towns
  • increase public benefit through infrastructure investment
  • increase efficiency of non-household water use
Outcome measures Result 20–21 Target 21–22
Schools signed up to Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP) 1,300 (estimate) 1,500 1,500
Households or community housing assisted in the Community Rebate and Housing Retrofit Program 1,580 (estimate)1,555

Improve water sector governance and systems integration

We will:

  • Improve performance of water sector in meeting needs of customers and community
Outcome measures Result 20–21 Target 21–22
Percent representation of women on water sector boards50%50%

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