We deliver effective management and governance of Victoria’s public land to protect its social, economic and environmental values and maximise its use by all Victorians.

Increase the sustainable management of public and private land

We will:

  • modernise policy, legislative and regulatory frameworks to ensure effective management of state forests, coasts and other Crown land
  • support land managers in their stewardship of public land and private owners in managing environmental values
Outcome measuresResult 20–21Target 21–22
Hectares of land added to the public estate for public purposes 82Annual target not available

Increase satisfaction of Traditional Owners in land management decision-making and practices

We will:

  • support Traditional Owners in finalising Traditional Owner Settlement Act agreements
  • contribute to and facilitate the development and completion of joint management plans
  • work collaboratively to upskill the capacity and capability of Traditional Owner Land Management Boards
  • support Traditional Owners' rights to Country so that their aspirations for land, water and culture are realised
Outcome measures Result 20–21 Target 21–22
Number of Traditional Owner Land Management Board appointments 1Annual target not available
Traditional Owner satisfaction with DELWP's progress in enabling Aboriginal Self-determinationNew measureEstablish baseline

Increase public value benefits from government land

We will:

  • identify opportunities to increase public value from government land in Victoria
  • increase the accessibility and use of government land data sets to inform decision making
  • improve information and advice on the Victorian Government’s land holdings for better decision making
  • deliver effective management of our state forests, coasts, parks and other Crown land to provide for a broad range of community uses and values
  • implement an outcome-focussed and risk-based approach to regulation to provide equitable and safe access to public land and the use of natural resources
  • support state and regionally significant infrastructure projects to meet the needs of Melbourne’s growing communities
Outcome measures Result 20–21 Target 21–22
Number of visits to the public land estate managed by the department’s portfolio agencies (Parks Victoria) 118.20m 115.00m
Bay and park assets rated in average to excellent condition79%84%

Increase the quality and accessibility of land administration

We will:

  • deliver innovative and authoritative land administration and land information services
Outcome measures Result 20–21 Target 21–22
Efficient provision of timely and authoritative land administration and property information services 100%100%
Consistent and timely provision of government land transaction approvals and advice100%100%

Increase digital and spatial services for land transactions and land information

We will:

  • enhance our core spatial data information services and help government, industry and the community generate value from it
Outcome measures Result 20–21 Target 21–22
Percent of updated Vicmap Foundation Data delivered within one week 98% (@ May 2021)98%

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