The projects and services delivered by DELWP deliver on key government priorities. The department approaches the delivery of these priorities through a holistic One-DELWP lens.

Our Corporate Plan shows how DELWP's priorities contribute to the government priorities listed below:

Economic stimulus – recovery and growth

In the recent statement outlining the Government’s Strategy and Outlook (Budget Paper No 2, 2021-22), the Treasurer clearly indicated the importance of economic stimulus to help the Victorian economy recover from the impacts of COVID-19 and increase employment and economic growth.

Climate change

The Victorian Government has committed to significant action through the recently released Climate Change Strategy, which sets targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to a low carbon public sector.

Aboriginal self-determination

The Victorian Government recognises the unique rights and obligations held by Traditional Owners to care for Country and is committed to Aboriginal self-determination, working with Traditional Owners and Aboriginal Victorians towards Treaty, and formally recognising Traditional Owners through legislation.

Recovery from natural disasters

Victoria has experienced a number of significant events in recent years, including the 2019-20 bushfires. DELWP continues to work closely with Bushfire Recovery Victoria to lead the recovery efforts. The scope of this work has now been expanded to include the recovery from the storm and flood damage that occurred in June 2021.

DELWP’s response to these significant themes cut across all of our outcomes. This is another demonstration of a One-DELWP approach.

Cross-cutting themes

View our cross-cutting themes (PDF, 953.9 KB)

Page last updated: 31/08/21