DELWP Corporate Plan cover 2021-23

DELWP brings together Victoria’s climate change response, biodiversity protection, resource recovery, water, energy, land management, planning and emergency management functions into a single department. This enables an integrated approach to creating thriving environments and communities and supporting Victoria’s economic recovery from the impacts of COVID-19.

Our portfolio priorities are underpinned by a commitment to Aboriginal self-determination, effective action on climate change and sustainable economic growth through investment in renewable energy and recycling transformation.

Our corporate plan 2021-25 outlines the outcomes we are seeking to achieve over the next four years, our strategies for achieving these, and how we will measure our success.

This is our business

DELWP has identified seven outcomes that we are working towards to achieve our vision of thriving environments and communities.

Our outcomes articulate what success looks like and reflect our ambition for Victoria.

Page last updated: 18/11/21